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Who is 3 Degrees Consulting?

3 Degrees Consulting (3DC) was created by Gigi Guillotte and Bob McIntosh to help clients finally feel like their marketing agency is their partner instead of a line item on their P&L. Combing over a decade of digital marketing experience, business building successes and a passion for partnering with clients to create the best results. 3DC has been able to build a fantastic portfolio of clients who are building raving fans, building a bigger audience, driving more leads, and creating additional revenue streams.

What Do We do?

Here’s a few examples of how we can support your business

Course Development

Information courses are the hottest way to disperse your information and drive revenue. Our team can help you develop, execute and deliver any online course you’d like.

Funnel Development

Funnels are one of the best ways to lead customers into your business, increase conversions and customer lifetime value..

Premium Branding & Logo Design

Branding is not just how people see you but how you make them feel as well. Let us help you make the perfect statement to every current and potential customer.

Custom Web Design

Your website is your modern-day business card. It’s not just a place for people to get information but it also needs to speak to your credibility, wow your potential clients and set you above everyone else in your field. 3DC can build a completely custom website for you from the ground up. One that speaks to who you are and who you want to attract.

Personal Branding

If you really look at great personal brands you’ll notice one thing common among them all. On every channel, social platform, email, podcast, live event, slide show and more, their brand is present. You can look at any one thing and immediately know who it is. 3DC can help you develop your own personal brand so that you can achieve the same uniformity in your business.

Social Media Marketing

Using unique strategies to develop your brand online we can help you build your presence and become known in your niche on social media!

Business Consulting & Strategy

Whether you want to increase your bottom line profit, reduce expenses, optimize your team performance or streamline processes within your current business we’re here to help. The 3DC team has decades of experience in business and helps some of the world’s foremost business owners look at the optics of their business to do better all around. We can support your business growth with our extensive knowledge.

Email Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is critical for successful customer interactions. We can help automate your customer communication & flow.

Custom Event Development

The 3DC team has helped, conducted, created and managed more than 100 live events. We know what it takes to make your event stand out, create raving fans who don’t want it to end, and has the contacts to make your event sound and feel like something that people want to come to again. We can handle for you event planning, production, marketing, sales, execution and followup.

People Think We Rock

Here’s just a few examples of what people say about Bob & Gigi

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Creating Raving Fans for Clients

A Small 3 Degree Shift Can Radically Alter Your Course