Are you watching your peers’ businesses grow while yours remains stagnant? Has your business plateaued? Are you trying to make sure everything is perfect before you take action? Are you scared to take the bold action that got you into business in the first place because you’re afraid you’ll lose everything? Are you finally ready to unleash the floodgates of prosperity for your business?

Break the perfectionist mindset


  • How to prevent the perfectionist mindset from sabotaging your business (and costing you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  • A simple yet powerful strategy to accomplish your goals without overwhelm
  • How to turn any business mistake into mounds of money
  • How to get more accomplished in a day than most do in a month
  • The elite secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to scale their businesses (stress-free)

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About Bob McIntosh


Bob McIntosh is the owner of multiple successful businesses, from real estate to affiliate marketing and business coaching. He has spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs all across the country to help them get out of their own way and build the businesses of their dreams. With this book in your hands, it’s now your turn to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

Having been able to personally hear Bob McIntosh speak & coach others I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to better their lives and reach their full potential. Bob is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about what he does, you will not be disappointed!!!

Emilee D.

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This is a much needed book for a lot of people as the only thing stopping most people from achieving their goals is themselves. He is a wealth of knowledge and his passion comes through the pages of this book. Get out of your own way and purchase this book!

Matthew Eubank

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As an entrepreneur and having met Bob personally, I know the amazing knowledge he brings to those who are lucky enough to learn from him. Being able to learn valuable lessons from Bob has allowed me to put my fears aside and truly start building the business of my dreams!

Brynn M.

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