Would you like a convenient alternative to a kennel environment for family pets?

Fur Paws keeps your pets as close to their regular schedule as possible, in an environment they are accustomed to.

Premier Pet Sitting, and Mid Day Services, Professional and Experienced

(Insured and Bonded)


Experience, and Professional, pet sitting and mid day services offered to elite kitties, hounds, and the humans they own. We do our best at answering all your pet related needs. See our services page.

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Why Choose a Pet Sitter?

Pet sitting provides a convenient stress free alternative to a commercial kennel facility and leaving your home unattended.

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Experienced, Professional, pet services. Offering premier services and posh paws environment for your pets. We provide assurance to you as your pets guardian. We fully understand the challenges faced by working parents of canine, and feline companions. We place an emphasis on the importance of love, trust, care, safety of your pet, and security of the home.

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